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Learn your individual nutritional needs.
Act now to change your life forever
Purchase the most complete genetic health report available:
110+ pages showing your genetic tendencies,
how they're affecting your health,
and what you can do to optimize your health
You can live a more vital, enjoyable life.
Renewing your health depends on optimizing your geneticpotential.

Natural DNA Solutions(NDS) offers DNA reports and genetic analysis that enable you to turn your genetic data intolife-changing actions. Knowing your genetic code (as offered by 23andme, and others) is only the first step, you need to turn that information into solutions for living a healthier life.

Are you frustrated with the medical, nutritional, and dietadvice you’re receiving?

In the last few years medicine has experienced a genetics revolutionthat most doctors have not caught up with. They’re still prescribing drugs thatdon’t address the underlying causes of disease, and often trigger devastatingside effects. This is old medicine. You can do better.

For the first time ever, it’s possible for you to turn you DNA test into concrete health solutions.

Natural DNA Solutionsprovides scientific, affordable and successful DNA reports and treatment options for optimizing yourhealth. 

We are 50% Nature (DNA) and 50% Nurture (lifestyle). Yes, genetics is important, but so is epigenetics, the science of modifying genetic expression. The NDS report includes epigenetic/lifestyle suggestions for improving your genetic expression.

Our goal is to provide the tools for Nurturing your DNANature
Genetic testing and DNA analysis has never been easier and more affordable.
Epigenetics: Nurturing your Nature
If one picture can say a thousand words, this is it.

This is the power of epigenetics!

These are two genetically identical mice who were bred to be obese and have diabetes and cancer.

The mouse on the left has eaten regular mouse chow and achieved it's genetic dictates.

The one on the right was fed a special nutrient-rich diet and changed his DNA road map. Not only doesn't he have obesity, diabetes or cancer, but his color has reverted to a normal brown.

This is the power of epigenetics - of changing how DNA is expressed.

You too have this power!

Once you know your DNA you can take specific, positive steps to improve your health!


Questions your NDS report cananswer:
Why is it that so many people in your family have diabetes, or heart disease, and what can you do to reverse that trend? (Change your DNA destiny, like the mouse above)
  • Why do you have a chronic pain condition?
  • Exposure is one thing, but how well do you detoxify environmental toxins?
  • Do you have “odd” reactions to foods that haven’t been explained?
  • Do you havefrequent colds because you're inefficient at converting carotene intovitamin A?
  • Is it difficultfor you to break down neurotransmitters, resulting in anxiety and insomnia?
  • Does yourmethylation cycle not work efficiently, making you more susceptible tomiscarriages, fatigue, cancer, and other chronic diseases?
  • You may know yourvitamin D level, but do you know your vitamin D genetics?
  • Why are you gaining weight in spite of a good diet: methylation, mitochondria, neurotransmitters, or hormones?
    What do you want to to know about your health?
    Ask your DNA!
    Genetic testing and DNA analysis has never been easier and more affordable.
    NDS is the only company offering comprehensive DNA analysis, genetic interpretation, explanation of gene function,
    and suggestions for naturally improving your genetic destiny.
    Comparison between Natural DNA Solutions and other genetic reports
    Not all genetic health reports are the same
    Ready to change your destiny?
    Go to the Purchase Report Page
    for instructions on purchasing and creating an NDS report
    "Dr.Ballard encouraged me to get my DNA tested - and I am glad he did. Hisanalysis + his history of my health concerns really helped to unravelsome mysteries and narrow down a treatment path. The whole process hasbeen interesting and quite helpful!"
    Alex, British Columbi
    Nurture Your
    Genetic Potential
    Natural DNA Solutions is the only company offering:
    * Comprehensive (1400 genes) analysis
    * Explanation of gene functions
    * Genetic health report
    * S
    cience-based natural treatment options for optimizing your genetic function
    * True personalized medicine
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