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Natural DNA Solutions

Genetic Health Reports & Treatments

If you are a provider interested in making NDS reports available to your patients,

please contact me directly for information on discount pricing.

Please include your professional name, clinic name, type of practice,

if you're currently using genetic testing, and how you found NDS.

Thank you, Tom Ballard, ND

I know as a professional, you've probably been inandated by companies offering genetic testing. Since starting Natural DNA Solutions (NDS) four years ago a great number of companies have poped up. Some of them are good, but not practical for clinic use. Some are good, but too limited in scope. Some are just plain terrible.Few offer comprehensive treatment solutions.

From talking to colleagues, I recognize that many are intemidated with the preceeved learning curve necessary for mastering medical genetics. That's understandable. I was there myself a few years ago and that's why I developed NDS. It's no more necessary to master genetics than it is to master neuroanatomy to treat depressed patients. What is necessary is the right tool My aim in developing NDS was to give you the tool for providing neutragenomic therapies to your patients. 

In 2017, I wrote the book on the subject. Genetic Health Reports provides a review of most of the companies offering genetic testing and DNA reports. It is available on Amazon as a book or ebook. It also provides help for choosing a health report that is right for your practice and suggestions on how to incorporate genetic testing into clinical practice. If you have any doubls about ordering an NDS report on yourself, I suggest you read Genetic Health Reports before making your decision. 

If you are a health provider who has discussed a professional discount, use the button below to enter the 

Professional Portal 

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