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Turn 23andme into an actionable health report
23andme or raw data

1. Know what you're getting into

READ this entire website. You may also want to watch my DNA videos on Youtube. Go to Tom Ballard ND for several videos on DNA testing and reports. 

Don't feel bad if you feel a little lost - this is new medicine. Medical genetics or epigenetic medicine has only been available for a few years. Genetic testing was not possible just a few years ago. The fusion of genetics and nutrition - nutragenetics - will soon become common place, but that will take a few years. Methylation, mitochondia function and otherr aspects of genetic health reports will someday be a part of your normal medical checkup, give it time. 

23andme or raw data

2. Order your test kit

(Skip to #4 if you already have results from or

Are you ready for an adventure? and both provide raw genetic data which Natural DNA Solutions turns into a 110+ page comprehensive health report. 

Order a test kit

Go to or and purchase a test kit. 

Follow their instructions

Once you have it, follow their directions to send your sample to them.

3. Wait. It takes 4-6 weeks for 23andme or to send you a kid, receive your sample, and return your results. Use the time to familiarize yourself with the information on this and 23andme websites.

4. Purchase your Natural DNA Solutions report on this website.

Secure purchase options are provided at the bottom of this page.

5. Send your or data to Natural DNA Solutions so we can turn it into a health report. 

Once you've gone to the Natural DNA Solutions website and made your payment, go to your or page and send your data to us. 

FOR NEW 23andme kits:

1. Sign in to your home page.

2. Click on tools.

3. Click on Browse Raw Data

4. Click on Download

5. Click on Request your raw data download.

6. Look in your email and find an email from 23andme.

7. Click on Download raw data.

10. Attach the file (it will be a zip file) to an email addressed to

For reports:

Follow the directions for downloading your raw data file.

Email that file (it will be a zip file) to

6. When you receive your NDS report, spend quality time with it. 

Your report is a detailed message from your DNA about your health. Parts of it will be straight-forward and easy to implement (ie Your ability to produce vitamin A is reduced: add vitamin A rich foods and consider a supplement). Other parts may be foreign to you and need the guidance of your healthcare provider to implement (ie You break down certain neurotransmitters too slowly: If your prone to anxiety, consult with your health provider about supplements that improve neurotransmitter activity). 

We suggest you print out your report and organize it in a 3-ring binder. This way you can add new material as it becomes available. We regularly update DNA research material on Facebook: Natural DNA Solutions.

7. Consult with your health practitioner. 

Before implementing the general suggestions from your NDS report, consult with a health practitioner who knows your specific health history. You want someone who understands genetic testing, nutrition, and detoxification therapies that optimize your genetic message. If you do not have access to a health provider who can help you, see our Consultation page for a Skype or Email consultation. 

8. Nurture your nature! 

Experience the positive improvements in your health that come from knowing your genetic makeup and applying scientific nutrition and detoxification.

Our mission is to maximize your genetic potential by providing comprehensive DNA reports and genetic analysis with concrete natural solutions. 

Click on the button below to purchase an NDS report for
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Questions about your NDS Report?

If you have specific questions about your NDS report and how it relates to your health, Dr. Ballard provides consultation

services. For details, see Consultation page.

He offers a Comprehensive consult and Question Sessions (email and Skype)

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